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Random stupidities that just annoyed me now

A few random stupidities just now crossed my path.

  1. I just a few minutes ago received a phone call asking me to take a survey on communications decisions something-or-other. I assented to take the survey, and the surveyor began her little scripted speech. She asked me a question, and as soon as she hit the answer that was appropriate (“Are you X, Y, Z or ...” where X, Y and Z are disjoint), I interrupted her and said “Ok, ‘Y’” (or whatever was correct.) She then told me “Sir, I have to read the entire text here, please.”
    Now, I'm sorry, but this is silly. But I can almost see the point—I mean, maybe there’s an answer later in the list that is more appropriate.
    The next question was “What is your age bracket? Is it 16, 17-18, blah blah blah”. As soon as she hit my age bracket, I responded “That’s it—34-45”. I’m not going to find a better bracket later; I do not age that quickly. Once again she responded sternly, “Sir, I’m sorry, but I have to read this.”
    Now I got ticked off. “Listen, if you can’t use your brain here—it isn’t like I’m going to change my mind about my age, then I can NOT take this survey. Good bye.”
    Don’t tell me that this person is only doing her job, etc., because even IVR systems can do better than her mindless droning.

  2. I am trying to configure a Fortigate 60 for a client who is deploying an SSL VPN system. There is a desire to have a “split tunnel”: the client only wants traffic destined for the VPN to go down the SSL tunnel, and all other traffic to go out the regular user’s internet connection.
    Putting aside how hard getting the tunnel system to get set up is (it requires Windows, and IE6, and a whole bunch of ActiveX controls), it ends up creating a plain old PPTP interface on the Windows side. That you can’t edit or change. (Typically, one could drill down through the interface properties and uncheck the box “use default gateway on remote network”.)
    On the admin page for the Fortigate itself, there is a section under “User Groups” (of course), under “SSL-VPN” (the first time something on this box makes sense), and under that, a checkbox “Allow Split Tunneling” with a pair of boxes labelled “Restrict tunnel IP range for this group”.
    There are no instructions in the page as to what to put in there, and no indication as to what should work, and any reasonable input I can think of results in “Invalid IP Range”.
    Bleah. Makes me long for my PIX.


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