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Blogger blogs about blogging, blog at 11 (part 1)

I've been so busy lately, I havenít had the opportunity to get around to saying much of anything. A short, egotistical list:

  1. One client had a major hardware failure, sucking up dozens of hours of time, and accelerating our delivery of an additional data center.
  2. Other clients have been equally demanding. Business is good, and I will not complain about that.
  3. In response to all of this, 3 Phase, after a brief stint of hiring yet again, finally made a new hire! We're tickled pink to bring on board Catherine MacInnes.
  4. Jewish holiday season is in full swing now, which sucks up all my free time. It right now being in the tail end of sukkot,so I'm of course busy with all that entails.
  5. We just had a fourth birthday party for child #3 and his best friend (she's two weeks younger than he, his Hebrew birthday came out yesterday, her secular-calendar birthday was on Monday)

I've got a Martial Arts post in the queue coming up shortly.


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