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Yes, hiring again.

(I have so many other things that I haven't had the time to sit down and write, but I figure I'd mention this.) 3 Phase has seen two valuable members depart recently, so we're hiring again. Let's see how long until the first bozo reply! I even made the darn thing a bit harder to miss:

Please send your resume, CV, or otherwise orderly representation--in plain text or HTML format only--of your relevant experience to the CL-provided address. Include in your cover letter how you meet the above skills. Please prove to us that you're a human by making a half-way decent attempt at passing a Turing test.


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Wow! A new record! The first bozo came in with just his .doc file format timestamped 0141 EST, the posting went up at 0114 EST. That's...um, er, 27 minutes! A new record!

Semi-bozo #2 came in at 0359 EST. Sent in a decent cover letter, noted in response to "can read and follow directions", 'of course', and sent a PDF of his resume. Sigh.

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