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Real Work

I can be found on Linkedin here. Occasionally, when the mood moves me, I twitter a little bit.

As of September 2014, I'm now an Infrastructure Systems Engineer at 1010data in New York City.

Until September 2014, I was the principal of a small IT and software consulting firm in New York called Three Phase Computing.

I used to be the director of operations (and a "senior engineer") Omnipod (now MessageLabs, which has since become Symantec) in New York from November 1999 to April 2005. (Actually, some part of that time I was working for the now-moribund Tempest Software.) I was adjunct assistant professor of computer science at the Columbia University Department of Computer Science. I still do adjunct instruction at Fordham College at Lincoln Center as an adjunct in their department of CS.

Before that, I was at Polaris Asset Management from 1997 until it was rudely closed in September 1999.

I used to be a systems programmer at Columbia University for AcIS (neé CUCCA) in the Unix and IBM groups. I graduated from Columbia in 1990 with a major in physics and mathematics.

I wrote my Ph.D. in atomic physics at CCNY (City College of New York). My thesis is on correlated double electron photoionization of helium.

My interests in physics are atomic physics (especially ionization processes in laser fields), statistical physics, and scattering theory.

My main interests in mathematics and computer science are symbolic mathematics on computers, and numerical analysis.


Martial Arts

I am a black belt in Tora Dojo karate.

Amateur Radio

I have the FCC callsign ke3ml. Listen for me on the air! Click here to get information on the Columbia University Amateur Radio Club (CUARC), or tune into the club frequency, 144.470 MHz mode F3E or G3E.


For those who might be interested, I am a member of the APS, and IEEE+Computer Society, and Usenix.

I hang out a bit on the NYCBug list, being a fervent and avid user of BSD flavors of Unix operating systems.


I also enjoy bicycling (but I'm not sufficiently avid to have a link here), reading, and I tend to collect trivia about trains, planes and roadways.

I'm also a clarinet player (although I haven't done so in years) and a poor hack of a trumpet-player (see above comment on frequency of playing). Nonetheless, someday I will clean off the pads, rout out the mouthpieces and make music again!

I'm also a bit peeved at some of the nasty googlehacking that went on over the word "Jew", so I'm just adding these links, in case people might be interested in something not virulently anti-semitic:

Where you might find me


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